Our story

BRAÉ is a unique cosmetic brand from Brazil, which introduced a professional line of hair care products.

A feature of BRAÉ is their instant effectiveness and efficiency. Their main spectrum of action is the restoration and treatment of hair at the molecular level.

The main product of the Bond Angel brand enhances the effect of any other restorative treatment, and protects hair from the effects of adverse environmental conditions.

During hair coloring, Bond Angel contributes to the longest preservation of color, natural shine, and preservation of the hair’s natural beauty and health.

The BRAÉ brand is from Brazil. These are professionals in their field who have set themselves the task of creating a hair product that is unique in its composition and properties, which would ideally protect hair after many harmful effects and restore its natural structure.

After a lot of experiments and tests, scientists came to the conclusion that the created Bond Angel product is ideal for use with oily, dry, and combination hair types. It works effectively with salon services.

The effectiveness of these products was appreciated by many professional stylists. It is not surprising that the popularity of Bond Angel in a short time spread not only in Brazil, but also in the United States of America.

Now the brand offers several lines of hair care products.